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Information days are coming up ...

  • Apeldoorn: Tuesday 26th september 2017
  • Alblasserdam: Friday 29th september 2017
  • Tilburg: Tuesday 3th october 2017
  • Enschede: Wednesday 4th october 2017
  • Zwolle: Tuesday 10 october 2017

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Fair September 20

On Wednesday, September 20th it starts. As 16.00 AM, organizations, associations and foundations will present themselves to future volunteers. The organizations offer a tast of volunteering and show you many ways to be active in Apeldoorn. The event is organized in CODA and Gigant. It  is freely accessible and anyone can enter between 16.00 and 20.00 for information, a personal conversation and lots of fun activities and educational presentations. Eye For Others is also present.

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Future plans Eye For Others

Opposed to the rainbow project across the road, the organization has a land of about 10 hectares. This land has unlimited possibilities because we have water rights. This means: we can use water from the river to spray the land. There is a water pump on the land. It takes little effort to restore this pump for the water supply. Thanks to sponsors, the ground is now being made weed-free. This is a hell of a job because it is necessary to eradicate the weed completely because otherwise it will  come back. In this video, project leader Ton van der Smit explains what the future plans for this piece of land are. Enough plans, enough work, but above all ! enough enthusiasm and motivation for the future of the project …

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Greetings from Africa

Eye For 0thers

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