What is ANBI?

The Public Benefit Institution (PBO/ANBI) is an institution that:

may have its registered offices in The Kingdom or any other Member State of the European Union or another designated state.

by an authorized inspection it is recognized as such that;

Foundation Eye For Others is regarded by the Dutch as’ ANBI. This has tax advantages for the organization itself but also for you as a sponsor or supporter, this is advantageous. Your gift is in fact tax deductible.

Charity organizations such as the Eye For Others are recognized as General serviceable Institutions and are fully exempt from donation tax and death duties. An ANBI is an ecclesiastical, philosophical, charitable, cultural, scientific or other institution serving the public interest. They do not have to pay tax on your gift or benefits that they do in the public interest. Also, these organizations do not pay death duties on inherited legacies.


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