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The organization Women of Purpose led by Dorothy Mazingane has organized a conference to encourage and strengthen women. The conference took place in Hopetown, a place near Ritchie. With the Eye For Others bus, 18 women were transported from Ritchie and ter Aar to attend the conference. Of course our students were also present. It was a weekend full of praise and singing. Our students have experienced this as very special, but the nicest comment I heard from them was when we heard them say: “What a warmth these women give you, we felt so welcome and accepted, very special. You don’t find that in the Netherlands”

At the community development center there is room for all kinds of education. “You are never too old to learn” is also a common slogan at Eye For Others. Thanks to the bus, the transport of elderly and disabled people is guaranteed. Amelia has organized a knitting workshop for elderly people from the township. The results are amazing: a colorful collection of scarves.

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