Voorbereiding ICT project XS4ALL

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Als een van de eerste providers in Nederland die het internet beschikbaar stelde voor de consument neemt XS4ALL nu deel aan een heel ambities project. In Ritchie worden een aantal jongeren opgeleid om ICT vaardig te worden. Op hun beurt gaan deze jongeren lesgeven in townships om ook daar internet en computerskills aan te leren. Op allerhande manieren worden de studenten uit Ritchie klaargestoomd voor het ICT project: extra lessen taal en wiskunde en een groepstraining waarbij ze leren op elkaar te vertrouwen en van elkaar afhankelijk te zijn.
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Bike For Others 2018

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This year, the annual event Bike For Others was organized: cycling 160 km to collect sponsor money for the coming trips to South Africa. In addition to collecting money, the Bike For Others is a big happening. Decorated with African music, good food and drinks and a cozy atmosphere, not only the participants, but also family, friends and acquaintances cycled along with us. We weather was fine, it was a nice day! At the end there’s was a barbecue. Students who had just returned from their internship in South Africa meet the people who leave from the summer. This yielded fruitful conversations. An additional surprise was that two Africans had flown from Africa to join this event. 6 to 8 weeks together in Africa and now meet at the Bike For Others in the Netherlands. What a special day !
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A meal for our friends.

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The roles were reversed once: normally the staff of the Court Classique suite hotel serves the people of Eye For Others. This night it was different. The Dutch have prepared a typical Dutch meal for the hotel staff to say thanks. It took us quite some effort to explain what typical Dutch stew and meatball was, but our African friends loved the food. We hope to be able to work together a lot in the future.
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Stage in Zuid-Afrika: Unieke ervaring…

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Eye For Others faciliteert een aantal stageplekken in Zuid Afrika. Een initiatief van Ton van de Smit, projectleider van Eye For Others, is om een weekend te organiseren waarbij jongeren uit de gemeenschap van Ritchie in contact komen met stagiaires uit Nederland. Het weekend staat bol van sport, spel, theater en muziek, maar het meest unieke is dat de studenten in stilte met elkaar moeten praten van hart tot hart en naar elkaar moeten luisteren. Wat er dan ontstaat tussen jongeren uit verschillende landen en culturen is met geen pen te beschrijven. Grenzen vervagen, vriendschappen voor het leven. Touch People, touch hearts is niet voor niets ons motto. Dit kan je nooit op school leren, maar moet je ervaren.
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Share hearts.

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To really connect young people to each other, Ton had thought of organizing a weekend in “the field” where just as many young people from the community would be present as young people (students) from the Netherlands. There were some nice ideas but the best part was that they had to go into the field two by two, to find a place in the shade to share their hearts for two hours. Tell each other about their sadness, pain, disappointment, etc. The weekend was a huge success. Watch the video and enjoy. They also let you share from their hearts.
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How SBRM students fulfill a meaningful project.

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After two years of working and exploring together we finally have closure. We (Eye for Others) and Saxion Colleges in Enschede, Deventer and Apeldoorn entered into a formal cooperation. For at least six years students of all twenty Saxion academies can complete their internships, minors and graduation assignments taking part in our Ritchie project. The entire project will be governed by two guiding principles, the lectureship of Saxions Pride and Eye for Others’ Circular Development Reinforcement. Below, an email is displayed where Jeroen and Marloes, coordinators employed at Saxion, share their sentiments with us after their first-hand experiences with our project and the students currently operating there.
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Video: Future plans Eye For Others

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Opposed to the rainbow project across the road, the organization has a land of about 10 hectares. This land has unlimited possibilities because we have water rights. This means: we can use water from the river to spray the land. There is a water pump on the land. It takes little effort to restore this pump for the water supply. Thanks to sponsors, the ground is now being made weed-free. This is a hell of a job because it is necessary to eradicate the weed completely because otherwise it will  come back. In this video, project leader Ton van der Smit explains what the future plans for this piece of land are. Enough plans, enough work, but above all ! enough enthusiasm and motivation for the future of the project …
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Mandela Day with De Beers

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“De Beers” located in Kimberley is the largest diamond miner in the world. Three years ago, Ton van de Smit project leader of Eye For Others began contacting De Beers to see if they want to connect with us. . Today on Mandela Day might be the start of collaboration. De Beers came with a group of motivated people to the project to play with children, paint and share food. Actually, they made a big party as seen in the video and the images. Contacts have been established. Next week, Ton has an appointment to see if we can do more together in the future. To be continued…
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Finally on the way to South Africa

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Bike for Others collected money for Eye for Others

A major cycling tour was the highlight of a fundraiser that allowed five young women from Kampen to travel to South Africa. For Eye for Others, they want to travel to the Northern Cape to help the local people in the poor village of Ritchie. This is a fulfillment of a long cherished wish.
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