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A lot is happening on the project. 8 women from Ritchie have formed a group to develop handicraft activities and earn income from them. We have collected a lot of (children’s) clothing and our friend Amelia Davis has also picked up a car full of clothing in Bloemfontein.
Our first market stall was a fact this week. Uncle Klaas took care of the coffee and assisted with the sale. It was a success. Now they want to start their own group that will work for women and children from within the community. This is in line with our objectives. We have now held two meetings with them. We have given all people a bathrobe that we received from Thermen Bussloo.
Party !!!
The strength lies within women, thisproof has been delivered again.
We are going to support them.
Meanwhile Dorothy had organized a children’s event in Griekwastad. She had been offered accommodation in an old hotel in that village. Including a visit to nature caves. We went there with our bus and spent the night in an old building, where we had to take care of the food ourselves. The other day we went to the caves. That turned out to be one cave / opening in the mountains which was used by contemporary cave dwellers (vagrants?)
On the return trip we had dinner with the whole group at Wimpy, that was already a big party for the children.
It was quite an experience for them to be away from home one night and take the bus on a sort of school trip.
They enjoyed it, that’s why we do this.

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