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Training weekend is going on right now.

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‘Back to basics’ was the sentiment when we walked in the camp. No telephone, no electricity, no gas and barely any running water. Gather some wood, start a campfire and cook on it. It didn’t spoil the fun though. We had a nice meal in the evening and after that, the group enthusiastically started the training weekend. See the first video below.
Watch the video

Bike for others on the radio

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Saturday, May 20th is the ‘Bike For Others’. A bike ride of 160 kilometers. For participants a great opportunity to bring in the last sponsorship. The tour starts and ends at Veluws College Walterbosch. Project leader Ton van de Smit explains in a radio broadcast
why Bike For Others is a good action. As a former motor agent, Ton is also present. All intersections are blocked so that the Bike For Others will go smoothly. If you are in a trafic jam around Apeldoorn on Saturday, you will know where it comes from.
Watch the radio broadcast (in dutch)

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