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Our motto: Touch people, touch hearts.

Our wish: Never put your hand to take away. Do not shut it if you have to give.

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From our vision and mission, we want to do what God asks of us in the way that James describes so beautifully: “This is the true and pure way to serve God, our Father: Help widows and children without a father in their difficult times.

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Together you’re stronger. Just like a rope which is made of three separate ropes. You cannot just break into pieces. We as an organization and our volunteers in our projects need you as a sponsor to complete this threefold cord.


Eye For Others carries out projects in South Africa in collaboration with and at the request of local partners. There is more emphasis put on us to further develop “Circular Developmental Strength” . partnerships to bring (young) people into contact to each other, reinforce each other’s discovering so that they and we continue to develop our consciousness. We thus gain greater insight and understanding of the responsibility we have for those around us.

partners fotoFrom the command given by Jesus Christ to grant mercy, we do our work in South Africa. Our focus is on children with disabilities, street children and orphans, children in disadvantaged areas, children living in difficult and mentally challenging family circumstances. But also quite often mother, grandmother, caregivers living in difficult circumstances.

People are excited to actually make a difference to the above-mentioned groups, without division based on race, culture, religion or living conditions. Together with local partners, we want to alleviate immediate needs and achieve a lasting improvement of living conditions (shelter, medical care, education and training). W orking in groups to carry out these activities such as construction, children’s work and home visits in (South) Africa forms an important part.

Eye For Others performs only short-term construction and children’s projects in support of ongoing projects with local partners. The foundation itself is never permanently responsible for a project and / or organization. The vision is that we do not have the knowledge and means to permanently send and lead a project and / or organization from the Netherlands. Financial need is determined each year and the finance obtained by the fundraisings from volunteers and the financial support of Dutch fund providers.